Can’t be tamed.

Hello World,

Do you know that weird tinge at the back of your head that you get when you’re looked at weirdly? The kind that says ‘You’re doing it wrong, obviously’ or ‘It’s people like you man’. I hate it. God, I hate it so much.

I’m always told you shouldn’t judge anyone. I’ll tell you what, it’s a lie. Everyone judges everyone. They just aren’t very vocal about it. They decide everything about you before you even open your mouth. No one cares what your opinions are or if you read or who your favorite philosopher is. They just assume you’re dumb enough to never give these things a thought. Somewhere down the line, you start believing them.

You ought to believe in yourself a little. Do not agree with someone just because they sound confident. Do not let them give a definition of you. You are much more than what they can even comprehend. You are infinite. They will never tame you.


I’m right and you’re wrong.

Hello World,

So there is a girl I met the other day and she asked what my caste was? I smiled and replied “I am a Syed.”, with all the politeness a person utterly annoyed by the caste systems could muster.

“Oh but like Sunni right?”, she asked.


“Oh thank God.”, she sighed.

At this point, all the politeness in my body started to fade and I let out a meek sigh.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to work really, really hard to enrage a person like me. And I wasn’t angry at the person rather what she said. Certain things do way beyond just ticking you off. And this is definitely one of it.

The news yesterday and today kept flashing about a man shot dead. Facebook news feed with multiple posts and videos, windshield pierced with three bullets, shattering the glass and claiming his life. Humanity suffered, we became less human.

The worst crimes perpetrated are by people claiming that the ‘Other’ is wrong. So utterly and hopelessly wrong, that you MUST go to such extremes, things that you can never imagine doing to yourself you will do to the ‘Other’. That is the only way you can reform this society and bring peace. You have something you do not agree with? Its okay. Dialogue? No you must take everything in your own hands and do as you please. Probably because of all the guilt that has been building up due the fact that you are ignoring what is actually important. So you find out all these minute things, blow them out of proportion and sanction injustice and murder.

Sectarianism may seem like nothing, but to actually think of the crimes committed on such petty issues, and to think the justification behind it is religion. Do not cloak you ugliness using religion. It is inhuman and injustice and exploitation and oppression.

But no, that’s not how it works. Social justice can wait, what you need is to re-establish your self-proclaimed righteousness. I mean come on, priorities. Right?

Another child turns into an orphan, another wife a widow and the world loses faith in humanity.


My little feet.

Hello world,

I have small feet. I really like my small feet. Now although that sounds very narcissistic and to be honest kind of really creepy, I’ll tell you why I do.

Small feet are adorable. They might look like they can’t carry the burden of the world or that they can never learn to walk by themselves, but you are very wrong.

Small feet can do so much more than you can imagine. Small feet can run. They can jump. Or walk. Or skip. Or gently kiss the dewy grass as they take an early morning stroll in the park. Small feet also dance in a very clumsy manner. They also know how to be courteous but fear hypocrisy. Small feel abhor mediocrity. They also like the beach, being enveloped in sand and salt water. Small feet love to learn and tread new paths and meet new feet and wear out in the most beautiful way possible.

And this is why I love having small feet.


To seek Him.

Do you ever just stare into the sky and look at the moon peaking through the clouds and then suddenly emerging out boldly? Do you ever wonder at the vastness and the grandness of it all? And then looking down at your own self, how little everything seems. So little and so jumbled up, like it makes no sense at all. How the sky a faint blue and a fading pink. Folding into each other, spread across the sky in twilight.

And then you look down on your hands, tired and weary. And you can’t help but be bewildered. It takes your breath away. You’re distracted by the sharp smell of burnt garbage and the exhaust from cars. There is always cheap music on and dirt on the highway. There is always small talk in the car and headphones in your ears. But something is too hard to miss out on. There is always that faint voice that keeps growing stronger and more familiar. You just can’t not see it. Until the sky finally turns a pitch black and you’re exhausted and rejuvenated at the same time.